Swinemünde / Swinoujście - Baltic Coastal an Port on the Island of Usedom

Swinemünde/Swinoujscie (PL), having about 40000 inhabitants, is the largest town on the island of Usedom. Some quarters of the town are located on the island of Wollin. S. has a magnificent, broad beach and beautiful surroundings. Thanks to the local seaside resorts of Misdroy (Miedzyzdroje), Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin, Swinemünde has destinations which are worth visiting. The lakes and forests on the two islands are within reach. Guests are made welcome in the spa clinics, hotels and guesthouses.
Swinemünde came into being as a Prussian harbour town at the mouth of the Swina river (near the village Swina) in the 18th century. Being the most famous German seaside resort on the Baltic Sea, Swinemünde was known as a cosmopolitan spa up to the forties of the last century. In 1945, Swinemünde was ceded to Poland according to the Potsdam Agreement between the four victorious powers of World War II. The German inhabitants had to leave the town. After Poland became a member of the EU, nations are able to come closer. One of the projects being discussed is a continuous promenade from Swinemünde to Bansin - the longest promenade of the world.

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There is a good chance that Swinemünde will regain its status as a cosmopolitan spa and be re-established in all its former elegance. This is the wish of the web master, who was born in Swinemünde and lived there until 1945. 

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