Exkursions from Swinemünde

Swinemünde lies in beautiful surroundings offering a host of charming destinations. These include, first and foremost, the "Imperial spas" of Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck and Bansin on Usedom island and Misdroy (Miedzyzdroje) on Wollin island. Nevertheless, Friedrichsthal, Kamminke, Korswandt and Kaseburg (Karsibor) as well as Lebbin (Lubin) and Kalkofen (Wapnica) are also well worth a visit. You have the option of going by bicycle, ship, taxi or railway (to Misdroy).

Ahlbeck, Benz, Heringsdorf, Kalkofen (Wapnica), Korswandt, Misdroy, Kaseburg (Karsibor).