The Harbour

Rocks from the "Vinita riff" located off Koserow were used for the construction of Swinemünde's moles. Some believe that these rocks came from that lost and fabulous rich town. Older people say that the cries of the inhabitants of Vinita can be heard at certain times not only off Koserow, where Vinita is said to have sunk, but also near the moles of Swinemünde.
One of the islands in the Swina river is the "Eichstaden". This formerly shallow spot was thrown up with spoil in the course of the extensive river rectification around 1893 so that an artificial island (approx. 12.5 hectares) was created. The "Eichstaden" (named after the construction inspector Eich) was created to protect the winter harbour. The "Grüne Fläche", another island in the Swina river, was reinforced in the periods 1826-1927 and 1849-1855 by means of mattresses and beams. An area of about 20 hectares was gained for the storage of spoil and for shipyards and boathouses.

Obviously, the former port authority fulfils the same function today as in the past.

The eastern mole is 1400 m long. In 1866, work started on fitting the eastern mole with a breastwork 1.9 m high. The "Kaiserfahrt".From the lighthouse, you have an imposing view of the port, the town and the surroundings.

The ferry terminal in S. The ferries to Scandinavia and GB are very important for the town. The "Adler-Dania".The "Stahlleuchtbake".