The New Cemetery

Six years ago, a few dozen tomb stones of the former German Neuer Friedhof (new cemetery) were re-erected on a separate burial ground of the new cemetery in Swinemuende next to the former Kaseburger Chaussee. Today there are as many as 60 tombstones. The project was brought into being on the initiative of Dr. Józef Pluciński, the former (now retired) director of the museum in Swinemuende. He found Polish sponsors to contribute to his project. His reasoning: Who attaches importance to the graves of fellow countrymen buried abroad being maintained must also take care of the graves of foreigners in his own country.

 The carefully restored tombstones.
Pastor emeritus Simon talking to Dr. Pluciński
The Cemetery.
Once again, the  “Golm“ syndicate had invited to an hour of remembrance in November 2004.
This memorial plaque is to commemorate the victims of the bombing. Mr. Simon of the “Golm” syndicate, pastor emeritus, originally wanted  to attach it to St. Christ Church (Christuskirche) in Swinemuende.
Dr. Józef Pluciński in front of the burial ground.
The Polish victims of the war were commemorated, too.