The "Polish Market" in Swinemünde
The "Polish market" begins approx. 200 m  behind the border at the former Heringsdorfer Chaussee (now Woj. Polskiego). For many Germans, this is the absolute attraction of the the town. And the German visitors (and customers) are highly valued by the numerous Polish traders as well as the hairdressers and those working in other service branches. This much is certain: The town profits from its vicinity to the border. Millions of German tourists stimulate the economy in S. and their custom contributes to the growing prosperity of the inhabitants. This is of mutual advantage. In particular in midsummer, the large parking area on the German side of the border at Ahlbeck no longer provides enough peak-time space for the numerous tourists wanting to visit the market. Going by train (Usedomer Bäderbahn) or bus helps to avoid this bottleneck. On the Polish side, transport is available in the form of busses, taxis, hackney cabs and even rickshaws.
The markets offer (almost) everything German customers might want: Garden gnomes, basketwork, glass and crystal, smoked eels, sausages, cheese, clothing, music CDs and DVDs, fruit and vegetables, mushrooms and berries from the forest, lamps etc. And, of course, also cigarettes. However customers should find customs regulations if they want to exceed certain quantities. The market located directly behind the border is however not the only one of its kind in Swinemünde. There is another market primarily for fruit and vegetables (the shops in the town are also attractive). This market is located near the central heating station of the town (high chimneys!) in the Grunwaldzka street  (formerly Große-Kirchen-Straße) and can be reached on bus route No. 8 from the border. Here you can buy local fruit and vegetables. eg. from Pritter (Przytor), Kaseburg (Karsibor) etc. and, of course, mushrooms and berries form the nearby forests. In particular the fresh blueberries and cranberries as well as the chanterelles, boletus edulis and chestnut boletus mushrooms are much sought-after, all the more because they are often comparatively cheap. Tip: The traders are not averse to haggling on price!

However, those who go home right after shopping will miss a lot! The town has much more to offer and you should take advantage of it! This homepage is intended to give you just a taste of what Swinemünde has to offer. Don't forget the beach, the moles, the lighthouse, the fortresses, the ferries, Kaseburg (Karsibor), Friedrichsthal etc.