The Golm Memorial

At the Golm hill near Kamminke, visible from Swinemünde, there is a now memorial. This marks the spot where the victims of the air raid by US 8th Air Force on Swinemünde on 12th March 1945 are buried in mass graves. Approximately 20,000, people, almost exclusively civilian, most of them refugees from the German territories in the east, were laid to rest here.

The Golm.
Cemetery. Obelisk above with the inscription "So that never again a mother has to weep for her son" (from the national anthem of the GDR).
"Freezing", a woman in a soldier's coat, symbolizing the grief of mothers and women in war.
A plaque, placed by former inhabitants of Swinemünde at the entrance to the memorial.
Plaques bearing the names of victims buried here. Most of the victims are anonymous.